Speed Triple Rope 2.0

60.00 лв.

Speed ​​Triple включва ултра леки и издръжливи дръжки, изработени от 100% алуминий, олекотен 12-футов покрит кабел, който е достатъчно силен за използване на голямо разнообразие от повърхности. Всяка дръжка е покрита с камуфлажна лента, за да осигури екстремно сцепление при всякакви обстоятелства.

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We introduce precision to the extreme in terms of design and performance as an upgrade of the previews version!

Builded by CrossFiters for CrossFiters —ready 2 race, ready 2 destroy!

Speed triple includes ultra-light and durable handles made from 100% aluminum, an updated lighting speed bearing core, and a standard 12-foot (3m) coated cable strong enough for use on a wide variety of surfaces. Every handle covered by over grip desert camo tape in order to provide extreme grip at all circumstances.

Recommend use on rubber or nonabrasive surface, not recommended to be used on concrete


100% Effortless Grip , handles covered by specialized grip tape.
100% Bullet proof , precision machined aluminum handles, covered by specialized tape.
100% Rotation Speed , patented bearing rotation, allowing smooth and free rotation of the cable.
100% Specialized Coated cable (12ft length, 3m), available in several versions, covers all athletes height.
100% Amazing Design , handles available in several colors, Desert Camo , Black , Neon yellow, Neon blue, Neon orange.


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